Our Team

Tania Klein-Breteler

Tania moved to Danville, VA in January 2019. Three years ago, one of her dogs, Scrappy was dealing with anxiety and she decided to give CBD Oil a try. It seemed to really help him and there were no side effects. Since then, Tania and other family members have experienced benefits from the use of various CBD products. With over 30 years of retail and customer service experience, she decided to open Hemp Wellness Boutique in December of 2019. Her goal is to offer Danville and surrounding areas a large variety of organic hemp derived and Third-Party Lab Tested CBD products.

Bryce Luffman

Bryce has been a resident of Danville, VA since 1944. He has been in Retail Sales and Service since High School. After a visit to his doctor where he was told that nothing would help his arthritis, Bryce started taking CBD Oil in 2019. Bryce has been a talented musician for most of his life and he had stopped playing the guitar after 77 years due to the arthritic pain in his fingers. After taking the CBD Oil for about 4 weeks, he is back to playing his guitar and now plays pain free again. Bryce joined Hemp Wellness Boutique in December of 2019.